Frequently Asked Questions

Click HERE and fill in the form with the required information. Once completed click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the form. This will send your profile to our team for review. That's it, you're done!

Click HERE and fill in all the information required. After you have entered all information select 'Get Rate Quote' on the bottom of the form

To request a pickup click HERE and fill in all required information. Note that you must have a Profile already created and be logged in to request a pickup. Click HERE to create a Profile

Click HERE to create a Bill of Lading. Once all information is entered you will click 'Create Bill of Lading' at the bottom of the page. Once the Bill of Lading has been created, you can create labels, print, or email the document

Click HERE and you will be redirected to our tracing page. Enter your pro number and you will be presented with the shipments information. Located at the buttom of the details there will be a section to email documents. Simply enter your email, select the documents you want sent and click submit

For information about EDI click HERE and contact our EDI team for additional information.
For Webservices click HERE were you can then select to view our Web Services API Setup Process or our Services List Information


In the past week, governments in the western United States, in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, have issued orders closing certain businesses and restricting gatherings and movement of people. All of those orders thus far have recognized that supply chains are critical to public health and safety, and so have allowed freight companies like Oak Harbor to continue operations. In these challenging times, we are committed to providing peace of mind by remaining open and delivering freight to customers who are able to accept deliveries.