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Dock To Driver Program

Whether you’re a prospective employee or you have been working with Oak Harbor Freight Lines for 20 years, we offer a Dock to Driver Program for those interested in pursuing the career of a driver but lack the current qualifications. Oak Harbor Freight Lines offers an internal training program at no cost to current employees who have worked for Oak Harbor for 6 months or more. Get paid while in training for your future!

Upon completion and passing of the class, the Driver Candidate will be tested and monitored for one shift with a driver certifier (not his/her driver trainer) in a P & D setting at their home terminal. Upon passing this final review, Oak Harbor will facilitate the Driver Candidate in obtaining their CDL at a local CDL office or by paying for third party certification.

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Working At Oak Harbor


In the past week, governments in the western United States, in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, have issued orders closing certain businesses and restricting gatherings and movement of people. All of those orders thus far have recognized that supply chains are critical to public health and safety, and so have allowed freight companies like Oak Harbor to continue operations. In these challenging times, we are committed to providing peace of mind by remaining open and delivering freight to customers who are able to accept deliveries.