Electronic Invoice Options

Oak Harbor Freight Lines provides three electronic invoice options to fit your needs, PDF format, Excel format (sent weekly), and EDI 210.


PDF format is a convenient way of receiving invoices via email; it includes the same set of documents that are delivered using regular paper mail. An important consideration in this delivery method is your company's email file limit; please check with your email Administrator, Oak Harbor can customize file sizes so as not to exceed your company's email limit policy.


With Excel format, open invoices are consolidated into one summary spreadsheet and emailed every Friday. Customers have the option to choose additional shipping information to be included in the spreadsheet beyond what is normally found on paper invoices. And with excel format, customers can choose to pay by a single reference (statement number) or continue to pay by individual invoice numbers.


EDI 210, though it requires more time to setup, is a technology-proven method of transmitting invoices to customer's internal systems. Oak Harbor Freight Lines supports transmission via VAN, FTP, or AS2. Customers who choose to receive invoices in this method usually do so in conjunction with our web services which is used to retrieve supporting documents such POD, BOL, and Reweigh.

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